We comply with all applicable environmental, health and security regulations. We support the secure and environmentally friendly development and manufacturing of products as well as its transportation, use and disposal.


We protect the life and health of our staff and neighbours as well as the general public, with regard to dangers that could be caused by us.

We use resources efficiently, use energy efficient and sustainable technologies and reduce waste as well as emissions into air, water and soil.

We minimise the environmental impact of our activities on bio diversity, climate change and water shortage.



We support the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.

We fight against forced labour, child labour and discrimination at the work place.

We support the right to organise and the right to collective bargaining.


We comply with all applicable national and international rules of the competition laws and of trade control.

We counter corruption and bribary.

We stay away from any form of money laundering activities.


General principles

Our company’s principles include not only commitment to protection of security, health and environment, to quality and assurance, but also safety precautions. That implies no use of drugs and alcohol as well assuring protection of people and our property from wanton destruction or theft.


Company goals


  • Sustain business
  • Securing current market position
  • Customer focus
  • Product safety for people, animals and environment
  • Increase market share
  • Internationalisation



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